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What Can You Expect With The Better Life Challenge?

Daily Lifestyle Challenges
Friendly Compeition
Incredible Prize Giveaways
Lifetime Transformation

Experience Daily Lifestyle Challenges For 30 Days!

  • Receive a daily challenge made specifically for that day that you can complete in just a few minutes time!
  • These challenges are made to sometimes push you outside your comfort zone while others are there to remind you of the things you love.
  • These challenges are designed to introduce you to new daily "Millionaire Success Habits" that can lead to greater wealth, happiness and success!
  • These challenges were painstakingly designed to fit a 30 day period to perfection to allow YOU to challenge yourself to be the best you possible!

The Perfect Place For Friendly & National Competition!

  • Earn points for each challenge you complete, each day you log in, and other additional actions and pile up your "raffle points!"
  • Invite your friend and family to join you on the "Better Life" challenge and talk smack as you climb the leaderboard past them!
  • Challenge yourself to be one of the world leaders with our integrated "World Leaderboard" which is always tracking the contestants point totals!
  • Share your accomplishments with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter once you complete a daily challenge!

The Place For Incredible Prize Giveaways!

  • Work up your "Raffle Points" by completing your challenges, sahring the challenge and other easy action steps!
  • Have a chance to win weekly and monthly prizes that could potentially lead to you sitting front row and a number of major events around the country.
  • Save up enough raffle points to enter yourself into the grand prize drawing once we have 200,000 contestants involved!
  • You could be the lucky winner of Dean Graziosi's brand new 2016 Tesla!

The One Stop Shop For Life Transformation!

This is a challenge that was painstakingly designed over the past 6 months to fit you and your life. This is a user-based challenge that was thoroughly thought through with you and your results in mind. It will lead you on a 30 day journey from where you are, to where you want to be. It will challenge you on a daily basis to create new habits that are discussed throughout Millionaire Success Habits; habits that are meant to help you become the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

Do You Want Freedom And Joy In Your Life?

Experience Daily Lifestyle Challenges For 30 Days!

  • Do you sometimes wish you had more time to get things done and start living life on YOUR terms? If so, then you're going to LOVE this.
  • My name is Dean Graziosi, and this is my personal invite for you to join something I call The Better Life Challenge…
  • Because if you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then I know something about you…
  • - You have a next level of life…
    - You have all the potential in the world…
    - And you really want to start living your BEST life!
  • Yet you simply don’t know where to start (let alone have enough time, in today’s busy world)…
  • Which Is Why I Created This Challenge Just For You…
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PLUS - Win Prizes Along The Way!


Tesla P85D (Retail $100K+)


What Do Some Of Our + Challengers Have To Say About Their Experience?

"It has been a great 30 days. I don't think I have truly stuck to anything that long. It has been so easy and daily has changed my mindset. Amazing challenge! I love it!"

"The Better Life Challenge has been such a blessing to my life!"

"It was an amazing experience and the positive influence cannot be described by words, it can only be sensed by doing the challenge!"

"This has been an amazing 30 days! I am so grateful for each and every challenge! I am ready to light the world on fire and start perusing my passions again!"

"This was such a great experience. It means so much that you took the time to put all this together - for FREE! just to help other people."

"The impact on my life has been HUGE and the impact on my business continues to be felt. Absolutely fantastic! Highly recommend!"

"The challenge has been amazing & has helped me look at life in a new perspective and create and actually live my dreams!"

"Better life Challenge = Straight up Life Changer!"

"I was highly skeptical at first, but The Better Life Challenge is the single greatest tool I've used to kickstart my life."

"I appreciate that you have made this a free challenge as I believe that EVERYBODY NEEDS THIS TYPE OF TRAINING! I will continue to share about the challenge even after I can benefit from doing so! Previous"

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Not every day does someone have the chance to win one of the fastest, most expensive and most beautiful cars on the planet simply for spending a few minutes a day changing their lives for the better.

Well with the Better Life Challenge, we are changing the game.

One lucky winner who finishes the challenge, invites their friends and participates at the highest level will walk away with their own Tesla!

Tesla P85D (Retail $100K+)

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