Transform Your Life And Win A Tesla In As Little As Three Minutes A Day!

Welcome To The Better Life 30 Day Challenge!

Finally a challenge uniquely designed to fit into your busy life. In as little as three minutes a day you will finally make those small shifts needed to reach your next level of income, health and happiness. Watch the video below on how it works and how you could win killer prizes, even a Tesla Model S P85D.

What Can You Expect With The Better Life Challenge?

Daily Lifestyle Challenges
Friendly Competition
Incredible Prize Giveaways
Lifetime Transformation

Experience Daily Lifestyle Challenges For 30 Days!

  • Receive a daily challenge made specifically for that day that you can complete in just a few minutes time!
  • These challenges are made to sometimes push you outside your comfort zone while others are there to remind you of the things you love.
  • These challenges are designed to introduce you to new daily "Millionaire Success Habits" that can lead to greater wealth, happiness and success!
  • These challenges were painstakingly designed to fit a 30 day period to perfection to allow YOU to challenge yourself to be the best you possible!

The Perfect Place For Friendly & National Competition!

  • Earn points for each challenge you complete, each day you log in, and other additional actions and pile up your "raffle points!"
  • Invite your friend and family to join you on the "Better Life" challenge and talk smack as you climb the leaderboard past them!
  • Challenge yourself to be one of the world leaders with our integrated "World Leaderboard" which is always tracking the contestants point totals!
  • Share your accomplishments with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter once you complete a daily challenge!

The Place For Incredible Prize Giveaways!

  • Work up your total points by completing your daily challenges, sharing the challenge with friends and family, and other easy action steps!
  • Earn your shot at a chance to win monthly prizes that could potentially lead to you sitting front row and a number of major events around the country, super cool gadgets, and awesome gift cards.
  • Earn enough overall points to enter yourself into the grand prize competition where one lucky person will walk out as the Ultimate Life-Changed Winner!
  • You could be the lucky winner of Dean Graziosi's personal like new 2016 Tesla!

The One Stop Shop For Life Transformation!

This is a challenge that was painstakingly designed over the past 6 months to fit you and your life. This is a user-based challenge that was thoroughly thought through with you and your results in mind. It will lead you on a 30 day journey from where you are, to where you want to be. It will challenge you on a daily basis to create new habits that are discussed throughout Millionaire Success Habits; habits that are meant to help you become the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

What Are The Main Goals Of This Challenge?

Habitual Change

The #1 goal of the "Better Your Life" challenge can be described in one word; CHANGE. It was Dean's desire when designing this challenge to create something that would keep people engaged for 30 days; just long enough to create real life-long habitual change.

A Little Thing We Call FUN

The phrase "all fun and games" is perfect for this challenge because that's essentially what it can be described as; a game. Besides a life transforming tool, this essentially is a way for you to have fun while also becoming the best you possible!

Increased Wealth, Happiness & Health

The way this challenge is designed, is with an idea to help the person completing the challenge to discover new habits that when applied daily can help lead to increased wealth, increased happiness and increased health. Ultimately, the best you possible.

Bring A Little Competition

What is a little fun and games if there is no friendly competition? That's why it was Dean's goal with this challenge to create a social setting where you could challenge your friends, family members and other people around the country by working your way up the points leaderboard, as well as earning badges for your accomplishments.

Expulsion Of The Bad Habits

When you do anything the right way for 30 days, it is easy to forget the things you did wrong for however long you did them. With that in mind, it was Dean's goal to create a perfect 30 day challenge that could take these new habit and completely rid the old.

Spread The Love

When creating this challenge, Dean thought through every possible way he could get it into as many hands as possible to change as many lives as possible. And that is what he has accomplished with this "Better Your Life Challenge".


Win The Grand Prize!



Win Weekly Prizes!

Win Gadgets

  • Fitness Watches
  • Apple Watches
  • iPad Air

Win Gift Cards

  • $500 QuikTrip Gas Card
  • $300 Amazon Gift Card
  • $350 Visa Gift Card

Win Tickets & Courses

  • Dean’s Growth Mastery Package
  • 2 VIP Tickets To The Growth Summit
  • Platinum Growth Course Bundle

Don't Take Our Word for It, Read What Others Have To Say About It...

"I LOVE IT!  I have changed some of my daily practices around it. When I think about that changing your life in less than 5 min a day that is massive! and you guys did a great job making that happen."

"Short, straight forward ideas. Easy to implement into your daily routines. It's a lot of little baby steps to achieve awesome results. I'm traveling in Costa Rica right now and am still able to keep up with the daily lessons."

"It's simple and easy to do. It's nice to have something each day to keep me on a routine and focused."

"Once I started getting into it everyday it has been something that I have found really beneficial and I now look forward to it daily!"

"It's a great addition to my morning routine, and it keeps me thinking positive throughout the day! The prizes are a great incentive to get daily participation."


Daily Challenge Examples

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